At the heart of the Sentori system is the database of contacts. Contacts can be:

  • Subscribed and emailable
  • Suppressed (which includes unsubscribed contacts)
  • Unusable due to having a bad address

Sentori will never send an email message to those contacts who are suppressed or who are marked as having a bad address.

Sentori will make a new contact record for each unique email address. It is not possible for two (or more) contacts to have the same email address. This means that contact records are 'deduplicated' using the email address when new records are added.

Contact Data

The minimum information that is required to create a contact record is a person's email address but to get the most from Sentori it's a good idea to include more data such as the person's name and contact data. Sentori allows you to include any piece of data that you want on the contact record. New accounts are set up automatically with some basic contact fields but you can add contact fields.

Getting Contacts In and Out

You can add details of your contacts one-by-one but typically Sentori users load data in bulk by importing a file.

You can download contact data at any time. Every time you see a number (indicating a number of contacts) you can click on that number and export your contacts.

Data Segmentation

Sentori offers a number of different ways to catagorise, segment manage your contact data. These features allow you to send targeted email messages. The options are:

Contact Tab Options