Adding Contacts

There are options in Sentori that allow you to bulk upload files of contacts, or manually add an individual contact. Additionally contacts can be added through Signup Forms and directly application-to-application using our Sentori API

Uploading Contacts

Before you upload contacts in bulk you are asked to confirm that:

  • Every person in this list has given me permission to contact them via email.
  • My list is not purchased, rented, or otherwise acquired from a third party.
  • My list does not contain captured email addresses (e.g. ones copied from a website or ones acquired by email append services).
  • I have read and agree to fully comply with Sentori's policy on spam.
  • I understand that failure to comply with the above could result in the termination of my account without refund.

These are the steps involved in uploading a file of contacts.

Manually Adding a Contact

Sentori does not allow you to have more than one occurrence of an email address in the contacts file so the first thing that you are asked for when manually adding a contact is the person's email address. This is so that Sentori can check to see if it the email address is already on file.

If the contact is on file then you will be shown more details of the person. You will have the opportunity to edit all the information on file.

If the contact does not already exist then you will be asked to fill in a form containing all the contact fields that you have defined.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to manage the contact's subscriptions to mailing lists, and to add tags.