Managing Contacts in Sentori

To get the best out of Sentori, it is worth familiarising yourself with the ways that you can manage, profile, and segment your contacts. Whilst segmenting your data is optional, it's worth reviewing what tools are available to help you build more targeted email campaigns.

Types of segmentation

Type Description
Mailing Lists A subscription to a particular type of newsletter.
Tags A contact's interests, category, demographic, etc. Taking these examples, a contact might be tagged as “Snowboarding”, “Prospect”, and “Has Children”.
Upload Groups Use these if you manage your contacts in a CRM, database, or other system outside of Sentori. Each time you upload data, Sentori will automatically put those contacts into an Upload Group that you can email directly. In other words, contact selection has been managed externally to Sentori.
Audience An audience is a custom selection of contacts created using Sentori's Audience Builder. For example, you might create an audience to select all the subscribers to a particular mailing list who are also tagged as “customers”.

Do I need a CRM system?

If you do not have a CRM system, Sentori can take speadsheets or manually added data and help you organise and profile your contacts in a similar way to a CRM system. However, it is important to understand that whilst some CRM-like features are essential for an email marketing system like Sentori, it is not a replacement for dedicated software.