Searching for Contacts

Sentori provides a search option that allows you to find contacts, view their profiles and history, make edits to their details.

You can search by

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • System ID (1)
  • CRM ID (2)

(1) This is a sequence number that Sentori allocates to each contact record.

(2) This is a field that Sentori provides so that you can make a cross-reference to your CRM system.

You will see a table showing all the contacts that match your search criteria. It is possible to drill down to an individual contact record and see full information about that person and edit there details.

The search function will look in the selected field (email address. first name etc.) and return all records that contain the text you have entered. For example, selecting a search on email address, and entering the text “” will find all contacts with an email address using that domain.