Contact Lister

The contact lister is used whenever Sentori needs to show you a set of contact records. Whenever you see a number in Sentori (representing a number of contacts), that number will be a hyperlink that will activate the contact lister. Here are a few examples of where the contact lister is used.

Contact Home Page

On the contacts homepage you will find a summary showing the total number of subscribed contacts (subscribers) in the account, the number of bad addresses and the number of suppressed contacts in the way shown below.

Click on one of the numbers (15,857 1,524 or 493) and the contact lister will fire.

Contact Lister Example

Here is an example of what the contact lister looks like.

In this example were using the contact lister to show all subscribed contacts. There are possibilities to page though the list but with so many contacts as are being shown here that's not a practical proposition. Often with a long list of contacts the objective is to use the contact list as a way of downloading contacts.

You can control which fields are shown on the contact lister using controls available in contact fields.

Downloaded File

The contact lister includes a button labeled 'Export as CSV'. CSV means 'comma separated values', and the export is a simple text file with each field of data separated by a comma. Howevever, this simple structure means that once the file has been downloaded it can be opened with various applications including Microsoft Excel.

The download file will include all fields on the contact record (not only those shown on the contact lister display). Additionally, the file will include a column for each active tag and an indication of how each contact is tagged.