Tags are a way in which you can record areas of interest against your contacts.

How to tag contacts

There are a number of ways in which contacts can be tagged.

  • Contacts can be tagged in bulk as part of the upload process.
  • Individual contacts can be tagged when you call up a contact record in edit mode.
  • Contacts can be tagged automatically when they click a link in an email (or in bulk afterwards through link report)
  • Contacts can be tagged when they sign up using a Sentori form.

Tag management

The tag manager (contacts > tags) allows you to view, edit, and delete your tags. In addition, it reports on the number of contacts currently with a particular tag.

The link manager modal offers a tagging option; any selected tags will be applied to contacts when they click the link.

Sending an email to a Tag

You can schedule an email to be sent to all contacts with a particular tag.

Email personalisation using tags

Tags can also be used to personalise email messages. You can specify that specific blocks of content are only sent to contacts tagged in a particular way.

Re-tagging contacts

Tags are not simply on/off flags, instead they store a number indicating how many times a contact has received a particular tag. When you look at a contact's profile, you can see that tags are used like scores to help describe the contact in more detail.