Sentori 3 Upgrade Home

Sentori 3 represents a significant upgrade to Sentori, with an updated user interface, new features, and many existing features receiving improvements and optimisations. This page is intended to help Sentori 2 users migrate to Sentori 3.

Headline features

  • New interface with easier navigation
  • New editor and email workflow
  • Email tests now inline
  • Editor supports multiple collaborating users
  • CSS mode for editor, allowing you to easily access the style code of your emails and webpages
  • New dashboard (7, 14, and 30 days)
  • Global search for both contacts and emails
  • Weekly account summary emails, including campaign activity and analysis of contact database
  • Features for teams, including user types such as “Data Administrator”
  • Features for large organisations, including linked accounts with contact synchronisation
  • Features for a central account to syndicate templates and emails to linked child accounts
  • New API with many more features

If you wish to suggest further features for Sentori we would love to hear from you. Please click the Help link in the header of the software and click Suggest a Feature.

Email workflow

The email workflow used to create emails has been reduced from five steps to three.

New editor

Editor overview

  • Sentori's editor is now designed for teams, meaning you and your colleagues can be working on the same email, from separate machines, and their changes can be pulled in real-time without overwriting your changes.
  • The new editor no longer requires you to go to a separate screen to work; emails are edited directly inside the workflow.
  • You can now only edit a single slot at a time. Once you have made your edit, click the tick button to save your changes or the X button to undo them and revert back to the previous content.
  • Image slots are edited in the same way as text slots; click on the image, then choose the appropriate option from the toolbar (image manager or link manager).
  • The subject line can be set by clicking on it in the white header above the email.
  • The sender name and details can be set in the same area.

Email tests

Email tests overview

Email tests are now run on the content step and their results are shown inline; for example, if you have added a broken link to your email Sentori will highlight it in the content with a warning icon.

  • To run email tests, click the Test button in the right of the header.

Email layout

Layout mode overview

You can switch to layout mode by using the editor mode drop-down menu to the right of the blue Emails Tools button.

  • Blocks can now be moved by using drag and drop: hover your mouse over the block's content, then left-click and drag to the location you wish to move it to.
  • Blocks cannot be dragged between sections.

Email contacts

Contacts can now selected in advance of sending and Sentori will remember your selection.

Send an email

  • Review your Send Details and then click the widget's top right button labeled Go To Scheduling.
  • Ensure that there are no errors and warnings, select the date/time to send your email.
  • Optionally select batch sending.


Sentori now supports the creation of landing pages via its Sites feature. This feature is not intended to build a full website, but rather to create supporting landing zones to extend the content of your email campaigns.

Linked accounts

For businesses operating with multiple departments, regions, brands, publications, or across territories, Sentori now includes a feature for grouping these accounts together.

Benefits of linked accounts can include the following.

Contact unsubscribe synchronisation

Accounts within a group can have synchronised suppression lists. When a contact is suppressed in one account, the other accounts in its group also suppress that contact. Individual accounts can still maintain their own Mailing Lists for finer-grained unsubscribes that are not synchronised.

Template syndication

Within a group of accounts, a master account can publish templates to other accounts in its group. This is done by a user via the Manage Templates screen.

Email syndication

Within a group of accounts, it is possible for an email to be published to other accounts in the group. This feature is available to all accounts within a group.


Sentori now supports SMS campaigns, which can be sent to contacts with mobile numbers by uploading a spreadsheet of contacts to create an upload group.

In order to use the SMS feature, you must rent a mobile number from us and pre-purchase sufficient SMS credits for your campaign. Pricing details can be found here.

  • SMS are created using a workflow similar to emails.
  • Messages can be personalised using mergefields.
  • Content length can result in messages requiring more than one SMS credit per message.


New in Sentori 3 is a completely rebuilt API with significantly more functionality. Our old API will continue to be supported.

New API methods include:

  • Add a Contact
  • Update a Contact
  • Subscribe a Contact to Mailing List
  • Unsubscribe a Contact From Mailing List
  • Unsubscribe a Contact
  • Get a list of draft emails
  • Get a list of templates
  • Create a new email using a specified template
  • Attach contacts to a new or draft email
  • Get an email's KPI summary data
  • Get a contacts from a sent campaign who have: opened, clicked, shared on social networks, unsubscribed, made a spam complaint, bounced, etc.