Sentori's editor is used to control content (text and images) and layout for both emails and webpages. Whilst the editor offers a number of options to help format your text, it is not a design tool. Designing good HTML for email is a very specialist job and as such we have intentionally limited the editing options presented to help protect your template's design, ensuring it will render well across desktop, webmail, and mobile clients.

Content Mode

Editing text

To make an edit to your text, hover your mouse over the Slot that you wish to change and then click on it. If you have selected a text Slot to edit, the text editor will replace the Slot; if you have selected an image slot, the Image Manager dialogue box will appear.

When you click on a text Slot, the Slot is replace by an inline text editor. In this box you can type your text or copy/paste content from other sources.

Once you have finished editing the text for your Slot, click the Save button underneath the editor's toolbar or click the cancel option abandon your edit.

You can create many types of hyperlink in your emails and webpages, linking to external websites or triggering features of Sentori such as view in browser, unsubscribe, and social shares. Your hyperlinks can also fire actions such as sending alert emails, tagging contacts, or triggering automations.

Linking from text

To create a hyperlink from some text:

  1. Drag select it so that the words are highlighted
  2. Click the link icon on the editor's toolbar
  3. Choose the link type you wish to create

To create a hyperlink from an image:

  1. Click on the image, which will then open the Image Manager
  2. Choose the link type you wish to create

Using headings

Sentori's built-in templates all contain various levels of HTML heading. These, just like in a word processor, are named H1, H2, H3, and so on. You can drag select your heading text and then select a level of heading to help format your email.

Merging contact fields into your email

It is possible to use mergefields to merge in contact data (such as first name). From the Contact Properties drop-down menu at the top of the screen, choose the field that you wish to merge in. Specifying a default value for this merge will avoid blank merges.

Layout Mode

In the fullscreen editor, Layout Mode allows you to manage the Blocks that make up the layout of your email. When you enter this mode, Sentori will show thin borders around Blocks and thick borders around Sections. In Layout Mode you can add Blocks (before or after another Block), delete, move up, move down, move to bottom, and move to top.

Block Library

When you click to add a Block, the Block Library for your email will open in a new modal window. You can browse your Block Library and choose which Block to add. By default, the Block Library will only show you Blocks that are intended to be used in your email – if you wish to see all of the Blocks available in your Account you should click the Show All Blocks button. Be careful about adding Blocks to your email that were not intended for it, they may be too wide and could break the layout.

Email details

With the editor you can change the email's details such the subject line, sender name, from email address, and more.

Subject line

  • To change or set an email's subject line, click the text in the editor's header.
  • A popup will open where you can type a new subject line.
  • Optionally, you can use mergefields in your subject.
  • When you have finished click the save button.

Sender name

  • To change the sender name and details, click the text in the editor's header.
  • A popup will open where you can type a new sender name.
  • Optionally, you can use mergefields in the sender name field.
  • Click save when you are finished.

From address

If you've requested multiple From addresses setup on your account, you'll see a From Address option with a dropdown allowing you to choose what to use for this Email.

Reply address

  • To change the reply address, click the text in the editor's header.
  • A popup will open where you can type a new reply address.
  • Click save when you are finished.