You can extend your email campaigns by creating microsites and landing pages. Emails can get too long and webpages are a great way to offer more detailed content to your email recipients, especially when that content is specific to your email campaign or not appropriate for your main website.

You can access all the features relating to webpages from the 'Sites' tab on the main navigation.

Sites and Pages

In Sentori, a Site is a container for Pages, it acts rather like a folder within a PCs filing system. If a single email requires a number of supporting webpages then these can be grouped together in a Site

Each Page within a Site is stand alone; Sentori does not automatically create navigation linkages between Pages within a Site. You cannot create a Page without first creating a Site.

Linking to your Pages

To link to your Pages:

  • Select the text or image you wish to link from.
  • Click the link icon in the toolbar.
  • From the Link Type drop-down, choose Sentori Webpage.
  • Select your Page.