Email Testing

There are 2 types of test that need to be carried out before you queue your email.

  • Automated Tests - Sentori requies that you run the automated tests (fully described below) before we allow an email to be queued for sending. Tests will need to be rerun if you make an edit to your email.
  • Test Send - Whilst the testing tools provided are useful, they do not replace thorough manual testing. We always recommend that you send a test email to a third party to review content, spelling, grammar, and links before you do a live send..

You can also test email content by using a A/B Split Test.

Automated Testing

Sentori's editor provides an automated testing tool which can check your email for broken links, broken merge fields, missing unsubscribe links and more.


Message Description
Subject line cannot be blank You cannot send an email that doesn't have a subject line.
Email has social links but is not Shared Your email contains social sharing links for your recipients, however you've not allowed it to be shared. Go back to the Content step in the workflow and change this flag.
Unsubscribe Link must appear at least once outside of all Targeted Blocks Targeted Blocks may not appear for all recipients; your unsubscribe link cannot be in one of these.
No Unsubscribe Link We could not find an unsubscribe link in your email. Go back to the Editor and add one choosing the appropriate Link Type.
Copied link found This might happen if you copy/pasted a link from an email you had received, perhaps as a test. You should remove and recreate it, either putting in the direct URL of the website or choosing the appropriate Link Type for system links.
Mailto: link has invalid email address You have an email link, but its target email address isn't valid.
Sentori Webpage doesn't exist Your email links to a Sentori Webpage which does not exist. Perhaps it has been deleted?
Sentori Webpage ID isn't valid Your email links to a Sentori Webpage but the ID of the page doesn't look correct. Delete the link and re-create it.
Reply Address is not valid Your email must have a valid reply address.


Message Description
{{Mergefield}} is not a known Mergefield One of the mergefields you have used doesn't exist. Try recreating the mergefield in the Editor by choosing it from the Contact Mergefields drop-down menu.
Sentori Webpage [name] has not been Published You are linking to a Sentori Webpage that isn't yet Published; this might be OK if the page will be Published before the email is sent.
Sentori Webpage [name] has Expired You are linking to a Sentori Webpage that has reached its Expire date. You should check the page and ensure it is Published.
Sentori Webpage [name] won't be accessible until [date] You are linking to a Sentori Webpage that is scheduled to be Published in the future. Ensure that this date is in time for your campaign.