Sentori allows you to send bulk SMS campaigns to your email contacts and report back on the success of those campaigns. Although you can create an SMS message for free, the ability send your campaign requires the rental of a return number and the purchase of credits.

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Video tutorial

Building your SMS


SMS messages can only contain text content. To edit your SMS, type your message into the mobile phone interface on the left side of the screen. As you type your messages, you will see the number of characters and SMS credits required are shown below.

You can personalise the message with mergefields.

  • An SMS can be up to 160 characters.
  • If your message is longer, it may require multiple credits per contact in order to send it.
  • If you use mergefields, the length of the merged content may require additional credits.

From number

In order to send an SMS campaign you have rented at least one return/from number us. Available numbers will be shown in this text box.

Sending a test

You can send a test SMS to yourself or colleagues by typing their number into the input field and clicking the Send Test button. Test sends require sufficient SMS credits in order to send.

Selecting contacts

SMS campaigns can only be sent to Upload Groups. Other segment types will be included in future releases of Sentori.

Note: currently you can only send an SMS message to contact if they also have an email address.

Sending your SMS

On the final step of the SMS workflow, you can review the send details including the from number and selected recipients. If you are happy with these details, click the Go To Scheduling button and choose the date/time you wish to send your SMS.

Once your SMS is scheduled you can view, manage, or cancel it via the SMS queue.


When your SMS campaign has been sent you can access your SMS reports.