Email KPI Report

Sentori's Key Performance Indicators Report for emails (KPI for short) tracks the most important metrics of your campaign's success. This includes how many people opened, clicked, shared, or unsubscribed.

Getting more information

Each KPI number (aside from Total Clicks) is clickable. If you click on the number, it will open the Contact Lister window showing you the contacts. As well as seeing the contacts on screen you will also be able to download the data.

To the left of each KPI you will see a bar chart showing the performance of the previous 10 emails sent to the same group of recipients. If you aren't using mailing lists or sending to all contacts, this chart may not be shown. The grey bars represent older emails, the purple bar is the current email. The bars are clickable and will show you the previous emails allow you to access their full reports.

Key Performance Indicators


The number of recipients for your email, based upon the size of the chosen list at the time your email was sent.


When you send bulk email, there will almost always be bounces. Sentori will track these, and, if an address has bounced sufficient times, it will be marked it as a bad address and removed from future sends.


The total numbered of emails that were successfully delivered to your recipients (sent minus bounced).


The total number of unique contacts that have opened your email. A open is recorded when the contact downloads images. Because some recipients may choose to read your email without downloading the images, this metric is always under reported. The percentage is calculated from the total delivered.

Unique Clicks

The total number of unique contacts that clicked on any link in your email (excluding the unsubscribe link). The percentage is calculated from the total delivered.

Total Clicks

The total number of clicks on any link in your email (excluding the unsubscribe link). This number is supplemented by Clicks Per Contact, which is the average number of clicks per recipient (Total Clicks / Unique Clicks).

Social Shares

The number of contacts in your list that shared your email via any social network. This number does not include shares by third parties not in your list.


The total number of contacts that unsubscribed via an email's unsubscribe link. These contacts will be flagged as Suppressed and will no longer receive your emails (even if you re-import them). The percentage calculated from the total Delivered.


This is the total number people who we were able to identify that clicked the spam button in their email client when they received your email.