Email Social Report

The Email Social Report shows you the influence of your email campaign on social media networks. By including social sharing links in your email, you are enabling your recipients to share your email with their social networks (and thus extend the reach of a campaign beyond the contacts in your database). You are also able to share your email with your own social networks.

Interactions by Social Network

Sentori tracks the number of social shares by each social network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+). Some social networks allow us to show you additional information, for example how many followers a particular sharer had on Twitter or whether they were a contact in your database.

Chart: Distribution of Shares by Social Network

This chart ranks which social networks yielded the most shares for your email.

Latest Social Buzz

Latest Social Buzz shows you details of specific shares, including, where possible, details of who shared your email and what they said about it. Some social networks are less forthcoming with this data, therefore you may see different information depending on the social network that was used to share your email.

If there are more shares than can fit on screen, clicking the Show More button will reveal them.