Create Email

Create an email from a template

  1. From the Dashboard or Emails homescreen, click Create Email
  2. Use the modal window to select the template that you wish to use, supply a Name and Description, and click Use Template

From here you can the proceed through the workflow and use the editor to work on your email's content and layout.

Copy an email

  1. Find the email you wish to copy, click its cog menu, and choose Copy Email
  2. Use the modal window to provide a Name and Description for your email and click Copy

Import an email

As well as creating an email from a Template or copying an email, you can do all email production externally to Sentori. This method would suit agencies, designers, and people very comfortable preparing HTML for emails.

You can use a little or as much of the editor's features (such as slots), system mergefields, or our template language as you need.

Paste HTML

Using this option, you simply copy/paste your prepared HTML code into the text box provided. This assumes that images will be remotely hosted elsewhere.

Upload a Zip file

This method allows you to upload your email's HTML and accompanying images (which Sentori will host for you). This method functions exactly like uploading a Template from a Zip file, except the end result is a single email, rather than a Template.

Check how to structure your Zip file.