Importing a template

Preparing your template and files for import

To import your own template into Sentori you must upload the HTML and images (unless they're hosted elsewhere) in a Zip file with the following files and structure:

How to setup your Zip file

  • Your HTML file must be named index.html
  • All content (the index.html file and any image files) must either be loose in the root of the Zip file, or contained in a single folder inside of it.
  • The “src” attribute of any images must either use absolute URLs to images hosted elsewhere or simply contain the name of the file found in the Zip file so <img src=“logo.png” /> and not <img src=“images/logo.png” />.

Note: by default Macs will automatically create a sub-folder inside a Zip file.

Importing your template

  • Click the top-right cog menu, then choose Templates > Manage Templates.
  • Click Upload Template and choose whether you are uploading an email or a webpage template.
  • Specify a Name (this is internal to Sentori only), description (optional), and reply address (email only).
  • Click the Choose File button and locate your Zip file on your computer.
  • Click Upload My Zip File.

Setting up your template

Once your template is uploaded, you can then click its cog button and select Edit Default Content & Layout. This allows you to go into the editor's content mode and layout mode in order to make changes to the template. Any changes you make here will be picked up the next time someone creates a new email using your template.

You can copy your template and create variations of it using the above technique. This can be very useful to provide a series of default starting points for different types of email.