Slots are markers that, when you are in the Editor's Content Mode, indicate where text or images can be added inside a block. A slot can be used to store either text or an image.

As a designer, slots can help lock down your HTML code from accidental damage by editors by only allowing them to change the text contained within them rather than the HTML layout code.

Image slots allow you to specify a maximum width (maxWidth) and/or height (maxHeight). Sentori's editor will read and when a user uploads an image into the slot it will automatically re-size it to fit perfectly.

Example text slot

<!--SlotStart--><p>Type your text here.</p><!--SlotFinish-->

Example image slot

<!--SlotStart type="ImageOnly" MaxWidth="200"--><img src="" /><!--SlotFinish-->

Slot properties

Property Required Description
Type No Values: ImageOnly/TextOnly. This identifies to Sentori's editor whether the slot is text or an image. If this property is not set, Sentori will assume a text slot.
MaxWidth No Applies to ImageOnly slots. If set, an image uploaded that is larger than the specified value will automatically be re-sized by Sentori.