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File Name and Requirements

Try to avoid unusual characters in the file name, sticking to regular alphanumeric characters.

Files must be less than 20Mb in size. This would not normally be a problem but if your file is very large you should check to see if you are loading any columns of data that are not required by Sentori. If you are, then those colunms should be deleted. If the file is still too large try splitting it into two.

File types

Valid file types are:

.xlsMicorsoft Excel 97-2003 spreedsheet file
.xlsxMicorsoft Excel open XML Format spreadsheet file
.csvComma separated values file
.txtText file
.mdbMicrosoft Access databases
.accdbMicrosoft Access 2007 onwards database file

Formatting requirements

If you are uploading a spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX) or a CSV file, you should use the following guidelines.

  • The first row must contain the names of your columns (these do not need to match Sentori's names)
  • Use must include an email address column
  • Remove all formula, filtering, calculations, etc, by using Copy > Paste Special (Values) and putting your data into a clean spreadsheet.

See this article for more information on importing date values.

Which worksheet?

Once you have browsed and uploaded your file if you have uploaded a spreadsheet you will be asked which worksheet (ie which tab at the bottom of the application) is the one that contains the data. You will see a list of sheet names, simply click the appropriate radio button.

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