Column matching contact fields

When you upload a file of containing contact data into Sentori you will need to provide a mapping between the column headings used in the file, and the field names used by Sentori. In other words you will need to explain what goes where.

Column headings

You can use whatever headings you like in the spreadsheet to describe the data in the column. However if you use the same name as Sentori then it will make the data upload processes easier.

For example, Sentori uses the field name 'email address' for email address. If you use that then the mapping between the spreadsheet and Sentori is automatic. If you use a column heading such a 'email' then the mapping will not be automatic, and you will have to explain the mapping.

Default Sentori database fields

Here are the names of the fields that are already included in new Sentori accounts.

Sentori Field NameDescription
Email AddressThe contact's email address
Titleeg Dr, Mr, Ms etc
First NameThe contact's given name
Last NameThe contact's family name
Known AsHow the contact would like to be addressed
Company NameThe name of the company or organisation associated with the contact
Phone NumberThe contact's land line phone number
Mobile Phone NumberThe contact's mobile phone number
Address 1The first line of the contact's street address
Address 2The second line of the contact's street address
Address 3The third line of the contact's street address
CityThe city part of the contact's street address
CountyThe city part of the contact's street address
PostCodeThe contact's postcode
Bad Email AddressIndicates whether the contact's email address is valid and functional or cannot be delivered to

You can see the names of Sentori fields in your account, including any special fields that you have added, by making a data download using the contact lister.

How data is imported or updated

If Sentori can find a contact in the database with the same email address as that shown in the import file, then that person's data will be updated. Only those fields that you have matched in the mapping process will be changed.

If previously there was data in a field that you have mapped, and the field is empty in the import file, then the existing information will be deleted. The principle is that new data (that being imported) is considered better and more up-to-date than anything currently in the database.

If Sentori cannot find a record with an email address in the file, then a new contact record will be created. Any fields of data not mapped will be defaulted according to the settings in the field specifications. Normally this means that the field takes a null (blank) value.

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