Hyperlink Actions

Hyperlinks created in Sentori can trigger functionality, such as automations, notification emails, and tagging.

It is possible add an trigger to an email's link that will add contacts to an Automation if they click it.

To add a trigger to a link, click the Run Automation button when adding your link. The next screen will ask you which Automation you wish to run. Clicking to add the Automation will take you back to the link modal.

A trigger can be removed from a link by clicking the x to the right of the Automation's name.

Note: Automations have a property that indicates if they can be repeated by a contact. You should ensure that your Automation has this set correctly before adding your trigger.

You can apply tags to your email's links by clicking the appropriate tags in when adding your link. If you do not have any tags it is possible to add them in the same window.

Any contacts that click your link will have your chosen tags applied to them.

Note: if you forget to add tags to your links before it is sent, you can add the retrospectively from the Link Report.

Sentori's Notification Email feature can trigger a simple text email to be sent when a contact performs an action, such as clicking a specific link or unsubscribing. The email can contain the contact's details and information about the source of the Notification (the email and the link from which they clicked).