Notification Emails

Sentori's Notification Email feature can trigger a simple text email to be sent when a contact performs an action, such as clicking a specific link or unsubscribing.

Sentori will mail merge the contact's details and information about the source of the notification (the email and the link from which they clicked). This means that a single notification email can be used in one or many contexts.

Creating a Notification Email

Notification emails are created from the cog menu; you will find the option in the integration section of the menu.

When you take the 'create notification option' you will first be asked at name the email - this name will be used when you add the notification to a hyperlink. You can optionally add documentation in the description text box.

The next stage is to specify the email. Note that the subject line and the body of the email can include mergefields. These can be either the special notification mergefields as shown in the list below or the contact mergefields that you can use in emails.

Data / Options
FromSelect from the drop-down list the email address that will send the email.
ToEnter the email address that the notification email should be set to. This will default to your email address but any valid address can be used.
SubjectEnter a subject line for the email. The default will be “Contact {{n:Source}}”.Once the merge field is replaced this might become “Contact Click” or “Contact Unsubscribe”.
BodyYou can format the notification mail. The default is “{{EmailAddress}} has {{n:Source}} at {{n:Time}} Campaign: {{n:EmailName}}” Link: {{n:LinkName} [ {{n:LinkURL}} ]. Once the merge field is replaced this might become “ has Clicked at 09:45 June Newsletter Homepage”

Notification Email Mergefields

You can use any of the following merge fields in the notification email.

{{n:Source}}This is the type of link either 'Click' or 'Unsubscribe'.
{{n:Time}}The date/time of the event that caused the notification.
{{n:LinkName}}The name of the link that caused the notification.
{{n:LinkURL}}URL of the link that triggered the notification.
{{n:EmailName}}Name of the Email that contained the link that caused the notification.

In addition to these special mergefields any contact mergefield can be used.