Administrative functions

The administrative functions in Sentori can be accessed via the 'Settings' menu that can be found at the top right of all pages.

Administrative functions are divided into sections.

User management

Users can gain access to their own user account details by clicking on 'your name'.

Sentori recognises two types of user. There are administrators and general users. Administrators have certain special rights which include the ability to manage passwords and to add or remove user rights using the user management options.


All users have the rights to manage templates.


You can integrate Sentori with other applications though the application program interface (API).

Sentori has the ability to send notification emails which are triggered when the recipient of a message clicks on a hyperlink.

Accounts/Sign Out

A Sentori user may have access to a number of client accounts. There is an option in the administrative functions menu to switch between client accounts.

This menu also has a sign out option. It is advisable to properly log out from Sentori rather than simply navigating away from the application.