Creating and Editing Pages

Before you create you need to create a site (remember that the site is a container for you pages). There are options that allow you to add, delete and change pages from the actions tab of the site.

Creating a Page

When you click 'Create Page' you will be shown a display with a thumbnail image of each of your webpage templates. Click 'Use This Template' on the one that best meets your requirements.

Having done that you will be asked to supply the following information. These are the page properties.

NameThis is the internal name for the page. It will be used to identify the page when you link to it from an email.
DescriptionYou can enter some documentation about the page. This is purely for internal use and will not be visible externally.
Page TitleThis will be used as the browser title for the page. When the page is displayed this is the title that will be show in the browser title bar.
Page URLSentori will create for you a URL for the page. If you want to access the page directly outside Sentori then this is the URL that should be used.

Once the page has been created it can be edited in the same way as an email.