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 +====== Send Email ======
 +When you reach the last step of the Email Workflow, Sentori will perform a final Automated Email Test, and, if your email passes, you will be able to schedule the send or flag it for use in an Automation.
 +In order to schedule your email, there are a few questions to answer.
 +===== Select recipients =====
 +In Sentori, you have five methods of deciding which contacts to send to; or, alternatively,​ you can flag the email for use in an Automation. Click on the appropriate button for the one that you wish to use:
 +  * Everyone
 +  * Mailing List
 +  * Audience
 +  * Tag
 +  * Type Email Addresses
 +  * Automate Email
 +If you choose to mark this email for an [[automation|Automation]],​ the workflow will complete.
 +===== Choose a date/time to send your email =====
 +If you have chosen one of the options to schedule your email (rather than flag it for Automation),​ Sentori will ask you for the date and time that you wish to send the email. Once you have set the date/time that you wish to send on, click Queue Email.
 +===== Social sharing =====
 +After you have scheduled your email, Sentori will prompt you to share your email with your own social networks. If you have accounts with Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you can share a link to the online version of your email.