Send Email

When you reach the last step of the Email Workflow, Sentori will perform a final Automated Email Test, and, if your email passes, you will be able to schedule the send or flag it for use in an Automation.

In order to schedule your email, there are a few questions to answer.

Select recipients

In Sentori, you have five methods of deciding which contacts to send to; or, alternatively, you can flag the email for use in an Automation. Click on the appropriate button for the one that you wish to use:

  • Everyone
  • Mailing List
  • Audience
  • Tag
  • Type Email Addresses
  • Automate Email

If you choose to mark this email for an Automation, the workflow will complete.

Choose a date/time to send your email

If you have chosen one of the options to schedule your email (rather than flag it for Automation), Sentori will ask you for the date and time that you wish to send the email. Once you have set the date/time that you wish to send on, click Queue Email.

Social sharing

After you have scheduled your email, Sentori will prompt you to share your email with your own social networks. If you have accounts with Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you can share a link to the online version of your email.