RSS Automations

An RSS Automation will send a recurring email that contains RSS content (such as blog posts, products, etc). The email sent according to your specified schedule; for example, every Monday, on the first Monday of the month, and so on.

Create an RSS Automation

To create an RSS Automation, go to Automations > RSS Automations. This will then take you through a workflow that selects the email, recipients, and schedule.


To setup an RSS Automation, you first need to have prepared a suitable email that contains an RSS Block that is not potentially being hidden by Block Targeting. We recommend that you send yourself a test of the email before attempting to use it on an ongoing automation.

Once you have a suitable email created, you need to save it for use in an Automation.

  1. From the Editor click the Email Tools Menu
  2. Click Save for Automation


Select the contacts that will receive your RSS Automation. Just like the email workflow, you can choose from all contacts or sub-groups (Audiences, Mailing Lists, etc).


RSS Automation Details

Before you move on to selecting the schedule for sending, this screen gives you an overview of the RSS Automation and who will receive it. You should check these details before moving on to scheduling.


This screen lets you set the interval and time that your RSS Automation should be sent.

Once you have scheduled your RSS Automation, you will be taken back to a screen showing that it is now running. From the same screen you can edit, pause, or delete your RSS Automations.