Block Targeting

It is possible to hide or show blocks in your email based on how individual contacts are Tagged. For example, you might send an email out with areas of content that should only been seen by certain types of contact.

Adding targeting to a block

  • Whilst in the editor, switch to Layout Mode.
  • Each block will now show its actions button. From the actions button menu, choose Block Targeting.
  • In the Block Targeting modal that appears choose from the side menu whether you will use Tags or an Audience to target the block and make the appropriate selection.

How the targeting logic works

You can apply multiple tags to a targeted block. If you apply more than one tag, the block will be shown to a recipient with any of the tags. For example, a Block might be Tagged with Red Wine, White Wine, and Champagne. In this scenario a recipient would see the Block based on the following logic:

Red Wine OR White Wine OR Champagne

When using an audience to target a block, you should review the the logic used to create the block in the Audience Builder.