Form Actions

This step of the workflow allows you to trigger Actions whenever a contact confirms either their new subscription and/or updates their details. Using Actions with your Form is optional; if you don't need them, you can skip this step.

Add to Mailing Lists

It is possible to put anyone who submits your Form (and confirms) into a Mailing List automatically. Any Mailing Lists that were not added to the Form on step 1 will be available here.


In order to profile Contacts using your Form, you can apply Tags when they confirm their signup or update. For example, if you embed your Form on your website, you might apply the Tag “Website Signup”. Or if you create a Form for a specific event or campaign, you might Tag the Contacts as being acquired as part of that piece of marketing.

Send an Alert Email

Sentori can send alert emails to you every time a Contact successfully signs up or updates their details. Each email address added here will receive an email providing details about who used the form and how (signup or update). The full contact record is included within this email, which could be used to email CRM systems capable of parsing inbound emails and synchronising data.

Add to Autoresponder

This allows you to send a welcome email or to add the Contact to a multi-step Autoresponder to receive a series of emails.

Once you have completed this step, you can move on to Step 4: Share.