Form Sharing

The final step of this workflow allows you to promote and share your Form.

Choose this option if you would like Sentori to host the Signup Form for you. We'll give you a link that you can use wherever you need it.

Embed your Form on your website

Choose this option and Sentori will spit out some simple HTML code that you can copy/paste into your website and style as you wish. This will give you an embedded Form on your website. This HTML code is intentionally not styled, allowing web designers to easily customise it.

Sentori can generate a QR barcode that you can download and use on printed materials. When the QR code is scanned by a smartphone it will open a web browser and take that person to the Sentori hosted version of the form.

QR codes work great on business cards, flyers, exhibition stands, point of sale displays, product packaging, or any printed materials that your organisation produces.