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Sentori's Automation (autoresponder) feature allows you to send either a single email, or a series of emails with delays between, following a trigger action. The trigger can either be:

  • The confirmation of a sign up request made through a sign up form on a webpage or Facebook page. This is sometimes called an autoresponder.
  • A 'click' (call to action) in an email.
  • An API call.
  • A contact being manually added.

The Automation homepage will allow you to create an automation, and review or edit an existing automation.

Building your Automation

Automation reports

Automation Examples

One-off welcome email

When a new subscriber joins your list, send them a single welcome email. This is a great opportunity to onboard new subscribers, ask them to white-list your sending address, and market to them immediately.

Whilst you can create this type of Automation manually (by building an Automation with a single Send Email Step), you can cheat and choose a single email to attach to your Signup Form via its Confirm screen. Sentori will build the Automation for you behind the scenes.

Welcome journey

Rather than welcoming your new subscribers with a one-off email, you could expand this to be a programme of multiple emails sent with timed delays between each one. For example:

  • Send Email: Thanks for signing up
  • Delay: 7 days
  • Send Email: Email marketing tips - how to grow your list
  • Delay: 7 days
  • Send Email: Email marketing tips - create a winning email campaign

By combining Steps such as Send Email and Delay, you can create fully-automated marketing campaigns, autoresponders, welcome journeys, and more.