Creating an Automation

You can create an Automation by taking the 'Create Automation' button on the Automation Homepage. You will be asked to provide the following information.

NameProvide a unique name to describe the automation. It is this name that you will use when you set the automation to be triggered.
DescriptionThis documentation field can be used to record useful information about the automation for example its intended usage.
Repeatable?This is a drop down with two options 'Repeatable' and 'Non-Repeatable'. If you select Repeatable, then a contact can pass through the automation more than once. If Non-Repeatable is selected then the contact can only go through the automation once. You need to decide whether or not it is appropriate for a contact to receive the contact in the emails just once or many times.

Adding your first step

To add your first step to a new Automation, click the button labelled 'Add the first Step to this Automation'.

Available step types are:

Adding more steps

If you already have Steps in your Automation, you click the button labelled Add Step Here beneath an existing Step. You can also add Steps by clicking the New First Step button at the top of the Automation of choosing the New Step Before or New Step After options from a Step's Action buttons.