API Automation Endpoints

Endpoints to work with Sentori's Automations: Autoresponders and RSS Automations.

Add Contact to Autoresponder

This endpoint is used to add a Contact to an Autoresponder.

Can be used as a way to send an Email to a Contact from an external system: create an Autoresponder in Sentori that has a single Send Email step.


URIhttps://api.sentoriapp.com/v2.0/automation/{AutomationExternalID}/addcontact/{Contact EmailAddress}/

Request Body

JSON data in the Request Body can be used to provide additional values to merge into any Emails in the Autoresponder.

When preparing the Emails to use in your Autoresponder, you can manually enter “Transaction Data” Mergefields into the Email content where you'd like to merge in values from this JSON data.

The syntax for Transaction Data Mergefields is {{trx:MergefieldName}} and “MergefieldName” must match the name in the JSON data. You can also include a default value which is used if either the property isn't found in the JSON data or its value is blank, e.g. {{trx:DiscountCode default=n/a}}

The JSON data must describe a single “flat” object (i.e. one consisting only of name/value pairs as shown in the example below), it cannot be an array.

Example Email Content
Order Confirmation
Item: {{trx:ProductName}}
Price: {{trx:ProductPrice}}
Date: {{trx:PurchaseDate}}
Discount Code: {{trx:DiscountCode default=n/a}}
Example JSON Request Body
	"ProductName":"46inch LCD Television",
	"PurchaseDate":"31st August 2016"
Example Merged Content
Order Confirmation
Item: 46inch LCD Television
Price: £429.99
Date: 31st August 2016
Discount Code: n/a


HTTP StatusDescriptionResponse Body
400Bad Request
	"Message":"Invalid JSON found in Request Body."

For other response codes, see the Error List.

Get All Autoresponders

This endpoint is used to get a list of all the Autoresponders in your Sentori Account.




Field TypeDescription
ExternalID string ID of the Autoresponder.
Namestring Name of the Autoresponder.
Description string Description of the Autoresponder.
		"ExternalID": "ABCD1234",
		"Name": "New signups",
		"Description": "Send new signups some initial offers."
		"ExternalID": "ABCD1235",
		"Name": "10 step course",
		"Description": "Send the 10 emails about the course each week."