API Errors

Any request made to the Sentori API that cannot be completed successfully will result in a 4xx HTTP status code. The response body will contain a JSON object giving more details about the specific error; a unique error code and a human readable message.


HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Cache-Control: private
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Content-Length: 79

    "Message":"API Key not valid"

Error List

API CodeAPI MessageHTTP StatusDescription
-1Bad request400The API request is malformed.
1API Key not valid403The specified API doesn't have access to any Sentori Accounts.
2Failed to set account403The API Key appears valid but the Sentori Account cannot be accessed.
3Account not found403The API Key appears valid but the Sentori Account doesn't appear to exist.
100Email Address not valid400The Email Address in the request isn't a valid email address.
101Contact not found404The Contact specified in the request couldn't be found in the Sentori Account
102Email Address already in use400The Email Address in the request is already in use by another Contact.
103Contact Fields not valid400The Contact Fields (or their values) in the request are not valid for this Sentori Account.
104Email Addresses not valid400The Email Address in the request URI and body must match.
105No Email Address found in Contacts400Contact Import could not find the Email Address field.
106Email Address is Suppressed400The Email Address appears on the Account's Suppression List.
107Email Address marked as Bad400The Email Address matches a Contact that is marked as having a Bad Email Address.
200Mailing List not found404The Mailing List specified in the request couldn't be found in the Sentori Account.
300Document not found404The Document could not be found in the Sentori Account.
301Document is not of expected type400The Document is not of the expected type. e.g. was expecting an Email but Document is an SMS.
302Link not found404The specified Link was not found.
400Email is not a draft400Email is not in a draft state.
401Email name already in use409The specified Email name is already in use.
500Audience not found404The specified Audience/Upload Group could not be located in the Sentori Account.
600Automation not found404The Automation was not found.
601Only Autoresponders are supported400Only Autoresponders can be used in this context.
602Contact not added as Automation is stopped400The Automation is stopped so the Contact wasn't added to it.
603Contact already completed non-Repeatable Automation409The Contact has already completed the Automation which is set as non-Repeatable so they will not be added again.
604Contact already active in Automation409The Contact is already in the Automation so cannot be added again until they finish it.