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 +====== Websites ======
 +===== Creating a Site =====
 +From the Sites homescreen, click the Create Site button and you will be presented with a screen asking you to supply some basic details about your new Site. You will need to provide the following information. These are the site properties.
 +|Name|Provide an internal name of your Site. This will only seen by Sentori users|
 +|Description|You can enter some documentation or notes to help others understand the purpose of the Site.|
 +|Site %%URL%%|This is the name of the Site as seen in the webpage address, for example: %%http://​snt1.net/​sites/​account/​your-site-name%%. This is publicly visible and Sentori will automatically suggest a Site %%URL%% for you based on what you type in the Name field. Note that no spaces or interesting characters are allowed.|
 +|Hide from Search Engines|If this tick-box is checked then the automated indexing agents used by search engines will be instructed not to index the page.|
 +|Status|Either '​Published',​ '​Unpublished'​ or '​Schedule'​. A pages within the site will not be shown unless the site is published or the date is with the Scheduled date range.|
 +|Schedule Publish/​Unpublish Dates|This option is reveled only when Status is set to Schedule. You can specify a starting and ending date & time for the page to be available| ​  
 +Once you click the Create button, you will be taken to the Site screen and start to add your [[webpages-pages|Pages]].
 +===== Editing a Site =====
 +When you select Sites from the Main Navigation you will see a table showing existing sites. You will see the name of the site, its status (published, ​ or scheduled) and the number of pages in the site.
 +Under the [[actions-cog|actions cog]] there are options that will allow you to:
 +  * Create/Edit Pages
 +  * Site Properties - change any of the settings mentioned in the table above
 +  * Delete Site 
 +===== Related Topics =====
 +[[webpages|Webpage Concepts]] | [[webpages-pages|Pages]]