Own domain sending

If you wish, you can use a From Address at your own domain so that your emails look as though they've come directly from you, rather than from one of Sentori's unbranded domains (@snt1.net, @snt2.net, etc).

To do this, you must make some changes to the Domain Name System (DNS) records of your domain and then let us know so we can complete the setup within Sentori.


Failing to make these changes correctly will result in email delivery problems from Sentori and possibly your domain as a whole - so be careful!

If you want to use a domain that is already being used for email, these are the DNS records you need (using an example of “mydomain.com”).

This also allows emails sent to the From Address of your Sentori Emails to come back to you, unlike the setup below (Use a domain without a mail server) which discards them.

If you're unsure about any of these records or your domain already includes some of them, check with the appropriate technical person within your organisation about how to proceed - modifying existing records may cause delivery issues throughout your domain!

DNS settings

All of these records should be created.

  1. Create a TXT SPF record for “mydomain.com.” with the value “v=spf1 a mx include:mail.snt0.net ~all” or, if you already have an SPF record, add “include:mail.snt0.net” at the end before the existing “all” mechanism. (see SPF Recommendations for checking tools and advice)
  2. Create a TXT record for “_domainkey.mydomain.com.” used for DKIM, with the value “o=~”.
  3. Create a TXT record for “sentori1._domainkey.mydomain.com.”, also used for DKIM, with the following value (ensure it contains no spaces or carriage returns):
  4. Create a TXT record for “_dmarc.mydomain.com.” used for DMARC with the value “v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:dmarc@mydomain.com” setting “dmarc@mydomain.com” to the email address of someone technical that should be sent daily DMARC reports by ISPs.

Use a domain without a mail server

If email isn't set up on the domain and won't be (you have a domain, but don't have a mail server), then you can use the DNS instructions above and just add an MX record to point back at Sentori.

  • Create an MX record for “mydomain.com.” with the value “mail.snt0.net”.

Any emails sent back to your From Address will be discarded so this option is not recommended.

Let us know about the changes

Once you've created the appropriate DNS records, drop us a support ticket letting us know the following and we'll check your domain before updating Sentori to make it usable:

  • The name of your Sentori Account
  • The name of your domain
  • The email address you'd like to use as the From address, e.g. info@mydomain.com

If you have more than one Account that you'd like to use your new domain with, then let us know the Account names and the email address to use for each; they must use different addresses so you could have “info@mydomain.com” and “offers@mydomain.com”.

SPF Recommendations

  • Tools such as MXToolBox.com and dmarcian's SPF Surveyor can be used to check your SPF record is correct and highlight any problems.
  • Multiple SPF records are not advised. According to Google this “may cause delivery and spam classification issues” (https://support.google.com/a/answer/4568483). If you have more than one SPF record then they should combined into a single one.
  • You should avoid having more than 10 “lookups” to fully resolve your SPF record. MXToolBox.com and dmarcian's SPF Surveyor can check this for you. If you're near or over that limit , remove any that are no longer needed and if you're still over the limit go on and convert “include” entries into their “ip4” equivalents where possible. For Sentori's “include:mail.snt0.net”, this would be:
ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:

Please note that while we have no plans to change Sentori's sending infrastructure, it's possible these values may be changed in the future. If you encounter delivery issues, confirm these values still match your SPF record and update if necessary.