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-====== Notification Emails ====== 
-Sentori'​s Notification Email feature can trigger a simple text email to be sent when a contact performs an action, such as clicking a specific link or unsubscribing. 
-Sentori will mail merge the contact'​s details and information about the source of the notification (the email and the link from which they clicked). This means that a single notification email can be used in one or many contexts. 
-===== Creating a Notification Email ===== 
-Notification emails are created from the cog menu; you will find the option in the integration section of the menu. 
-When you take the '​create notification option'​ you will first be asked at name the email - this name will be used when you add the notification to a hyperlink. You can optionally add documentation in the description text box. 
-The next stage is to specify the email. Note that the subject line and the body of the email can include mergefields. ​ These can be either the special notification mergefields as shown in the list below or the [[contact-mergefilds|contact mergefields]] that you can use in emails. 
-^ ^Data / Options^ 
-|From|Select from the drop-down list the email address that will send the email.| 
-|To|Enter the email address that the notification email should be set to. This will default to your email address but any valid address can be used.| ​ 
-|Subject|Enter a subject line for the email. The default will be "​Contact %%{{n:​Source}}%%"​.Once the merge field is replaced this might become "​Contact Click" or "​Contact Unsubscribe"​.| 
-|Body|You can format the notification mail. The default is "​%%{{EmailAddress}}%% has %%{{n:​Source}}%% at %%{{n:​Time}}%% Campaign: %%{{n:​EmailName}}%%"​ Link: %%{{n:​LinkName} [ {{n:​LinkURL}} ]%%. Once the merge field is replaced this might become “contact@domain.com has Clicked at 09:45 June Newsletter Homepage homepage@mbusiness.com”| 
-===== Notification Email Mergefields ===== 
-You can use any of the following merge fields in the notification email. 
-|%%{{n:​Source}}%%|This is the type of link either '​Click'​ or '​Unsubscribe'​.| 
-|%%{{n:​Time}}%%|The date/time of the event that caused the notification.| 
-|%%{{n:​LinkName}}%%|The name of the link that caused the notification.| 
-|%%{{n:​LinkURL}}%%|URL of the link that triggered the notification.| 
-|%%{{n:​EmailName}%%}|Name of the Email that contained the link that caused the notification.| 
-In addition to these special mergefields any [[contact-mergefilds|contact mergefield]] can be used.