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Suppression Lists

You can upload a file of contacts to bulk unsubscribe from all of your emails. This is commonly done when you are moving to Sentori, and you need to load a list of contacts who have previously requested to be removed from your email marketing list.

There are three steps in loading a suppression list.

Step 1 - Prepare and load the file

First you need to prepare a spreadsheet (or CSV file) that contains a single column of email addresses with the column heading 'Email Address'. You can then load that file from contacts/suppression lists. You can browse for the file and load it into Sentori.

Step 2 - Review the report

Having loaded the suppression list you will get a report like this.

In this case there are 30 contacts that are currently emailable who will become suppressed, and 220 email address that are currently unknown to Sentori that will now be prevented to

Step 3 - Confirm loading the list

If you are happy with the information shown then taking the green 'Suppress Email Addresses' button will finally load the suppression list. If you take the 'Cancel' button Sentori will take no further action and the uploaded contacts will not be suppressed.