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-====== Form Fields ====== 
-You can build your [[format|Form]] by adding the following elements to it: 
-  * Contact Fields 
-  * Mailing Lists 
-  * Tags 
-  * Text 
-  * Headings 
-  * Images 
-===== Tutorial ===== 
-===== Re-ordering and deleting elements ===== 
-If you hover your pointer over a field in the Form's preview box you will see up/down arrows; click as appropriate to order your fields. The same hover menu also offers a delete option. 
-===== Making fields required ===== 
-If you hover your pointer over a field you will see a "​Required?"​ button; click this to toggle the required state of a field. If a field is required, the preview will show it lit purple with an asterisk to the right. 
-Once you have finished building your Form, click Continue to move on to [[form-messages|Step 2: Messages]].