This feature allows you to define an Event (Meeting, Trade Show, Seminar etc.) and to enter all the significant details about it. Sentori can generate links in your emails that cause the event to be added to the recipient’s diary. When the email recipient clinks on the link in the email Sentori will deliver a file of data about the event that will be picked up by the contact’s diary application. The diary will then show a new entry with all the details of the event that you have provided.

Working with events is therefore a two-stage process. Firstly you add the Event, secondly you put a hyperlink (or links) in your email to ‘add the event to your diary’.

Because different diary applications accept data in different formats it is common to include multiple links in the email. Sentori supports file formats for the four most common diary applications which are MS Outlook, Apple, Google and Yahoo.

If you commonly want to use ‘add to diary’ links in your emails you should consider making (or having made) a block with icons for the different diary types.

Adding/Managing Events

When you select the Events tab on the main navigation you will see a listing of events that have previously been created. There is an option on the ‘cog’ menu to edit the details of any existing events.

At the top left of the page there is an option to create a new event.

Whether you are addicting a new Event or editing an existing one the same options will appear:

Event Properties

The properties of the Event are only used internally in Sentori they are never shown to your contacts or included in the data file sent to the diary.

Name: This is used internally by Sentori to identify the Event.

Description: This is provided so that you can enter notes or documentation about the purpose of the event.

Event Details

These details will be put into the recipient’s diary so it is important that they are properly formatted and capitalised. The details provided here map directly to standard data fields in diary applications.

Event Title: The name of the event that will be show on the diary pages.

Event Location: The full address of the event

Date and Time From/To: Supply the starting and ending date and time. This is the period that will be blocked out in the recipient’s diary.

Event Description: This area allow you to enter a full description of the event. You might also provide any special information or reminders.

Event Homepage: You can optionally provide a link to the event’s website or webpage.

Creating the Hyperlinks You make the ‘Add the event to my diary’ links exactly as you would any hyperlink in an email. This means that you need to have ‘call to action’ text or an image/icon. As with any call to action you need to ‘drag select’ the text or click on the image/icon and then click the ‘hyperlink’ option on the toolbar.

When the hyperlink options are displayed choose ‘Event Calendar Link’ using the Link Type drop down.

You will then be able to choose the specific event from the drop down under ‘Link/URL’ Finally you choose the diary type. There are four options: Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar. You may choose to add links in the email for all four calendar types.

Finally, as we always recommend, you should supply a Title for the link. This is used internally when Sentori reports click activity and many email clients will show what you put here on ‘mouse over’ of the hyperlink.