Email Verification

Email verification allows you to test email addresses are valid before you send to them. This reduces overall bounce rates, protecting your sender reputation and improving ongoing inbox placement for all of your campaigns.

For any newly acquired addresses, we would advise email verification as an essential step; it's not worth risking your ability to get future campaigns delivered to the inbox.

Using email verification

We have partnered with NeverBounce to provide Sentori customers with a facility to upload a list of email addresses and receive back a report detailing their validity.

As a Sentori customer, you will receive a 10% discount by visiting:

Once you upload your list, you will receive a report classifying your supplied email addresses as:

  • Valid
  • Accept All
  • Disposable
  • Unknown
  • Invalid

You can then download your cleaned list, import it into Sentori, and be sure of a much lower bounce rate and a higher sender reputation.