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-====== Email Approval ====== 
-A setting can be enabled on your account to require emails to be approved by an Administrator before they can be sent. This feature may be useful for organisations where certain processes, workflows, or compliance need to be followed before communications are sent. 
-To have this feature enabled on your account, please contact the [[help@sentori.co.uk|Helpdesk]]. 
-===== Setting up users ===== 
-Administrators can approve messages, which then enable Users to access the Send screen of the [[create-email|email workflow]]. ​ 
-Users responsible for campaign production should be setup as Users, with personnel responsible for approval setup as Administrators. These changes can be set via the [[user-management|User Management]] screen. 
-===== Approval Status ===== 
-An email with a Draft status can be flagged as Approved by an administrator;​ to do this, click on the email'​s cog button and then select the Approve option. ​ 
-Once an Administrator has approved an email its status will change to Approved; this enables a User to access the Send screen of the email workflow and send the email. ​ 
-Performing any action -- from editing content, properties, analytics, etc -- will result in the email changing back to Draft status and needing approval again.