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 +====== How to stop Skype breaking your Email'​s HTML ======
 +Skype has a Click to Call browser plugin that allows you to click numbers in web pages and emails to start a Skype call. Unfortunately,​ this plugin will insert its own HTML code into your Email where it finds telephone numbers, causing problems for your recipients when you come to send it.
 +In order to avoid the issue, we recommend that that you [[http://​community.skype.com/​t5/​Community-feedback/​How-to-Disable-or-Remove-the-Click-and-Call-Function/​m-p/​69602/​message-uid/​69602#​U69602|follow these steps to disable Click to Call]].
 +To fix an Email that Skype has changed, you may need to delete the Block in question and re-add it from your Block Library.