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Deleting Contacts

While you're not able to delete individual contacts, you can delete entire Upload Groups and the contacts they contain.

You may wish to do this if you upload a list you didn't intend to or if you just want to perform some tidy-up of your contacts.

You're not able to delete an Upload Group if it currently has an Email or SMS Message queued or being sent to it.

To delete an Upload Group, go to the Contacts tab and choose Add/Import Contacts then click the Delete option from the cog menu of the appropriate Upload Group. Sentori will check that you don't currently have any Emails or SMS Messages queued to it before asking you to confirm the deletion.

Once you click “Yes”, there's no going back - contacts will be permanently deleted from your account, along with their Tagging and Mailing List information. Sentori won't delete any Opens, Clicks, etc so your Email/SMS Message KPIs will not be affected, though you won't be able to tell who made some of them. Entries in your Suppression List will also be unaffected.