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-====== Deleting Contacts ====== 
-While you're not able to delete individual contacts, you can delete entire [[upload-groups|Upload Groups]] and the contacts they contain. 
-You may wish to do this if you upload a list you didn't intend to or if you just want to perform some tidy-up of your contacts. 
-You're not able to delete an Upload Group if it currently has an Email or SMS Message queued or being sent to it. 
-To delete an Upload Group, go to the Contacts tab and choose Add/Import Contacts then click the Delete option from the cog menu of the appropriate Upload Group. ​ Sentori will check that you don't currently have any Emails or SMS Messages queued to it before asking you to confirm the deletion. 
-Once you click "​Yes",​ there'​s no going back - contacts will be permanently deleted from your account, along with their Tagging and Mailing List information. ​ Sentori //​won'​t//​ delete any Opens, Clicks, etc so your Email/SMS Message KPIs will not be affected, though you won't be able to tell who made some of them.  Entries in your [[suppressed-contacts|Suppression List]] will also be unaffected.