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 ====== Account Dashboard ====== ====== Account Dashboard ======
-Once you have logged onto Sentori ​and selected your account ​you will arrive at the DashboardThis gives you:+Sentori ​provides three account ​dashboards, covering 7, 14, and 30 day periodsThe dashboard'​s widgets give you a snapshot of email sending activity and your contact database.
-  * Quick access to the most frequently used functions in Sentori - Create Email. [[adding-contacts|Import Contacts]]. [[reports|View Reports]] and [[forms|Create Form]].+{{vimeo>​117892887?​750x423}}
-  * Recent Activity A snapshot of what's going on with your communications - who's opening your email and following your calls to action.+====== Dashboard widgets ======
-  * Recent Emails. You will see the 6 most recent emails, some might have been sent (which means that you can see the reports), some might be draft emails in preparation.+===== Email Sends =====
-  * Campaign SnapshotHere you can find stats on your most recent ​send.+Provides a summary of email sending for the selected dashboard period, including the number of emails sent and averages for key performance indicators such as opens and clicks. 
 +==== Subscribers & Engagement ==== 
 +The total number of emailable contacts in your database, which is then broken down into the various [[contact-engagement-report|engagement]] levels. 
 +==== Recent Emails ==== 
 +This table gives you quick access to the most recent ​emails that have been worked on, including draft and sent emails. 
 +==== Email Sending Activity ==== 
 +The barchart visualises your email sending activity for the selected dashboard period. 
 +==== Other widgets ==== 
 +Three smaller widgets bubble up interesting data, including unsubscribe reasons, new subscribers,​ popular email clients, etc.
-  * Contacts Snapshot. 
-  * Engagement Snapshot.