Contact Statistics Report

This report gives you an overview of all of the contacts in your database, including those whom you can email and those who are suppressed or marked as bad addresses.

Contacts Database Summary

Contact Type Description
Subscribed Contacts who are emailable.
Bad Addresses Contacts whose email address has been identified as bad because of bounced emails. Depending on the type of bounce we receive we may allow a single bounce before an address is marked as bad. In cases of less definite bounces, we allow three consecutive bounces before identifying the address as bad.
Suppressed Contacts who have unsusubscribed, either by clicking a link in your email, making a spam complaint, or by being imported by you in a suppression list.

Chart: Contacts Timeline

This chart tracks each of the above contact categories (Subscribed, Bad Addresses, Suppressed) over the specified time period (30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).

Additional widgets

Smaller widgets bubble interesting details from your contacts or sending activity, including the most popular unsubscribe reasons, popular email clients, and new subscribers in the last month.