Contact Engagement Report

Contact Engagement Scoring (CES) tracks interactions with your emails over time to establish how engaged your contacts are with your marketing. Contacts are rated as Active or Inactive; your Active contacts are then scored between one to five stars, measuring how engaged they are.

What the contact scores mean

Rating Description
5 Stars Incredibly engaged, these are your very best contacts.
4 Stars Highly engaged, with very strong interactions with most of your campaigns.
3 Stars Show good engagement with most of your emails, opening and clicking.
2 Stars Somewhat engaged, opening but perhaps not clicking very often.
1 Stars Not very engaged, opening some emails but not clicking often.
Inactive This is divided into Inactive and Never Active; these are contacts who have gone away or have dead email addresses.

How it works

Contacts are scored daily based on the interactions that they make, or don't make, with your emails. Each interaction earns points toward their overall score. If the score is above the threshold, the contact is marked as Active and given a star rating. If the score is below the threshold, they are marked as Inactive.

How points are earned

Contacts are scored for the following interactions.

Interaction Description
Email Open Good interaction, scores a small number of points.
First Email Click Strong interaction, scores a large number of points.
Subsequent Email Clicks Good interaction, scores a small number of points.
Social Shares Very strong interaction, scores lots of points.

Your send frequency matters

If you send an email once per month, it will take longer to establish whether a contact is engaged than if you sent an email every day. Your account’s send frequency is used to establish the size of the window we look at for scoring a contact and the minimum period for giving them a rating.