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 +====== Editing an Automation ======
 +On the Automation homepage you will see a listing of all the automations that you have created. On each row of the display is an actions cog that allows you to:
 +  * View/Edit the steps in the automation
 +  * Edit the automation properties (its name, documentation and repeat status)
 +  * Delete the automation
 +===== View/​Edit ​ Automation =====
 +Taking View/Edit will allow you to see the number of contacts who have started the automation and the number of have completed all steps.
 +You will also see a listing of all the existing steps. For each step you have an Actions Cog. The options on the Action Cog depend on the type of step.
 +=== Delay Step Actions ===
 +The available actions are:
 +  * Change the delay
 +  * Add Step Before
 +  * Add Step After
 +  * Delete the Step
 +===== Related Topics =====