API Upload Group Endpoints

Get All Upload Groups

This Endpoint is used to get all Upload Groups in your Sentori Account.


URI https://api.sentoriapp.com/v2.0/uploadgroups/
Method GET


Field TypeDescription
ExternalIDstringID of the Upload Group.
NamestringName of the Upload Group.
DescriptionstringDescription of the Upload Group.
CreatedTimestampdatetimeWhen the Upload Group was created.


		"ExternalID": "12AB34CD",
		"Name": "new signups.xls, Sheet1",
		"Description":"Uploaded file \"new signups.xls\", Sheet \"Sheet1\" on Thu 1st Feb 2017 17:00",
		"ExternalID": "1234ABCD",
		"Name": "Members file.csv",
		"Description": "Uploaded file \"Members file.csv\" on Thu 02 Feb 2017 09:00",